Friday, October 21, 2011

Nasi Campur Kacamata

Finally.. I tried eat in here.. Firstly when my friend talks about this place, I don't know this is a restaurant because the name is kacamata.. But when they said the charsiu in here really nice.. I'm quite interest to try eat in here.. So today I tried it..

I ordered Nasi Hainam Campur (30k), this is nasi hainam with sayur asin, sauce, half egg, pork and chicken..
This is breast chicken, I really like the chicken, very tender.. yummy.. I also like the normal cha siu (the top one in the picture), and for cha siu garing madu (the middle in the picture, above the chicken) I don't really like it, actually the taste is good and all my friends really like it, but because I don't like something have fat (lemak ato kenyel-kenyel gitu), so I don't like it.. >.<

The left one is sayur asin, the right one is the sauce for the cha siu and chicken..

Ruko Fourite, Gading Serpong
(Near McD Serpong, beside Bakso Jawir)

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