Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yeyyy... Finally today I can try Loewy.. Already quite long I wanna try Loewy, but no time and I'm a bit lazy going here because its locate in Lingkar Mega Kuningan and full of traffic jam in weekdays.. This sunday morning after I lost for about 1 hour, then I arrived in this Oakwood building...

Okay... First impression.. Wow.. like a classic bistro and the ambience is nice... Oya.. I arrived around 11 o'clock, so still brunch time.. 

Raspberry Iced Tea (25k), hmm.. I can't taste any of raspberry and less sweet than the peach iced tea..

Peach Iced Tea (25k), I like this peach ice tea more than the raspberry.. Fragant and sweet...

Steak & Eggs (75k), this is tenderloin steak cooked in high flame, served with hash browns & two eggs any style.. So you can choose the way you want the eggs to be cooked.. I choose poach egg with hollandaise sauce aside... The eggs they cooked perfectly, but just one egg, the other one a bit over cooked.. But overall taste good.. For the hash browns I don't really like it.. But for the steak.. I really like it.. Even I asked for well done, but the steak still tender, juicy, and tasty.. Yummy.. FYI.. this is brunch menu.. :)

Chicken Wellington (75k), this is chicken breast rolled in mushroom pate and wrapped in puff pastry

This is the picture after I cut into two.. I also like this dish.. really delicious.. Yummy... =9

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan (85k), the concoction are vodka, cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, and poured on top of cotton candy.. The taste a bit strong for me, and taste of lime juice a bit dominant..

Melted Triple Chocolate Cake (45k), okay.. there are 3 kinds of chocolate flavor.. left to right.. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.. You can choose all dark choco, or mixed, whatever you like.. :D

The dark and milk chocolate when I cut it, melted perfectly, but the white chocolate and perfectly melted.. And for the taste.. I love the dark chocolate, because not too sweet and have a bitter taste of dark choco, second I like the milk choco, and the last is white chocolate because I don't like white choco.. Oya.. this served with vanilla sauce or vla.. I don't know what exactly it is.. but the taste is good.. hehe..

Coconut Heaven (40k), this is coconut sorbet, dark chocolate tart, meringue, hot chocolate sauce, crumble and whipped cream..

You can see the coconut sorbet in the middle.. Hmm.. The taste of coconut sorbet really delicious.. I really like it, but unfortunately the sorbet melted very fast and "cuma sedikit gitu"... mostly are meringue and dark choco tart..

Shopping Arcade @Oakwood
Premier Cozmo Ground Floor
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
(021) 25542378

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