Monday, October 17, 2011

Time (Korean Restaurant)

Yuhuu.. My friend invited us for his dinner birthday treat... Actually this is not my first coming here, I already have been here several time.. hehe.. 

The Side Dish

I don't know what the name, but this is two kinds of chicken, one is fried chicken, and the other one is chicken with sauce.. The taste very nice.. I like both.. The fried chicken really crispy and yummy.. the chicken with sauce also yummy.. I like the sauce, sweet, spicy.. Nice... =9

This is Bulgogi.. Hmm.. the taste okay lah.. the sauce taste sweet.. The beef sliced thinly and tender..

Jap Chae..  I like the jap chae.. Yummy..

I don't know what the name of this soup.. Maybe Kimchi Jigae.. I'm not sure, but this contain, kimchi, beef, etc.. The taste sour, spicy.. Okay lah.. Not bad...

Time (Korean Restaurant)
Ruko Pinangsia Blok G
Lippo Village (Karawaci)

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