Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yeyy.. Today my dad brought me here..  I just know there is a turkish restaurant near my house.. 
Okay.. When I arrive in this restaurant, I saw many of picture hanging at the wall... and this restaurant dominant with light blue or cyan color because the wall, ceiling, stairs using that color.. I like the ambience in here.. Anw.. FYI.. the chef in here from Anatolia in Kemang..


Aryan "Turkish Yoghurt Drink" (22k), this is yogurt mix with salt, but because my dad didn't like the taste a bit salty, so he asked to add some simple syrup.. and.. voila.. the taste is nice... :D

Imported Turkish Fruit Juice (28k), there are 3 choices for the flavor.. Peach, sour cherry, and apricot.. The waiter suggest the apricot flavor.. So I ordered the apricot flavor.. the taste a bit sour, but you can taste the apricot.. Overall just so-so, okay lah...

Mezza Plater (115k), this is 4 kinds of dipping for the bread.. from left-right.. first one is mixed cucumber with tomato, the taste is a bit sour, but refreshening.. next is hummus with olive oil, I don't know what is hummus made from, but I don't like the taste of hummus.. Next is aubergine or chopped eggplant, the taste is good, a bit sour too.. The last one is like spring roll, but just stuffed with spinach only, the taste okay lah...

Lavas Ekmegi (10k - each), this is the bread for the mezza plater, but for one mezza plater just got 1 bread, so we ordered 3 more bread and each bread charged 10k, expensive right?? hixx.. The dips is plater but they just gave 1 bread.. -___-" But the bread is really nice.. I really like..

Bademi Balik (90k), this is pan grilled fillet fish with sliced almond and paprika.. I don't know what kind of fish they used, but the taste really good.. The fish really tender and soft.. This fish really match with the sliced almond.. Yum.. Yumm.. this is my favorite food from all the food I tried today in here..

Sis Kebab (78k - chicken), this is char grilled marinated chicken cube served with Icli Pilav and bread.. I really like the chicken kebab.. the taste really nice.. marinated well.. the chicken is juicy, tender, and tasty.. I guess the icli pilav is the rice with raisin and almond if I'm not wrong.. but the taste okay lah.. quite nice..
Feslegenli Patlican Sarmasi (55k), this is sauteed veggie with fresh basil rolled in olive oil fried aubergines.. The taste?? If you don't like aubergine or eggplant, don't order this.. And because I'm not a eggplant lover, so I really don't like this.. >.<

Plate setting for dessert

Baklava (45k), layered of fillo pastry, butter, pistachio, and homemade syrup.. The taste is sweet.. But quite expensive for this tiny dessert.. But taste okay lah.. :D

Okay.. Just now, when I saw the bill.. I just realize that the service charge is 10%... Just different 1% with hotel service charge?? speechless... >.<

Jl. Gunawarman No.32
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan
(021) 72795853

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