Friday, December 30, 2011


Lagi nunggu supir sholat jumat, me and my sis jalan-jalan di daerah green ville - taman ratu, and I found this new restaurant.. 

Ice Teh Tarik (11k), okay... firstly I asked the waiter to separate the simple syrup, because I dont want my drink too sweet.. Then when the drink came, they give me separate simple syrup, but.. when I tasted it, before mixed the syrup.. The drink ard too sweet.. hixxxxx.......... Then I asked the waiter, why the drink ard sweet.. Then she say,"oya.. the milk in teh tarik ard sweet." -_______-"

Ifumie (28k), Hmm.. because I'm hungry... for me the taste okay.. Not bad.. The ifumie crisp enough.. I like it.. but the fish not taste good.. hehe..

Green Ville

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