Friday, December 30, 2011

Talaga Sampireun

Yeyy.. Finally I can come to this restaurant... I know about this restaurant from my lecturer and pastry chef.. He said that the GM in here is his friend, so he knows about this place.. Then a week after that I found some booklet about this restaurant with voucher 200k in my home.. (my dad got it from golf).. So today I went to this place with the hell traffic jam.. Its FRIDAY.... :(

The entrance

Talaga sampireun have many types of saung, there are open saung, AC saung, etc..

Floating Deck

Indoor (Ruang Parahyangan)

Es Kelapa Sirsak (Coconut Soursop) - 19k

Kelapa Muda (Young Coconut) - 15k

Gurame Butterfly (63k),  among all the food, I like this most.. Hehe.. The gurame not fishy and taste good..

Sambal for Gurame

Tong Seng kambing (39k),  I don't eat lamb.. but I taste the soup, its too salty for me..

Kangkung Terasi (19k), hmm.. so-so... I dont really like.. Too greasy.. >.< But my mom said that the sambel terasi is nice..

Cumi Goreng Mangga (45k), hmm.. the calamari looks big, because of the flour... the squid itself so little.. And I dont really like it.. >.<

White Rice (this is 4 portion), each portion 7k

Overall, the food just standard, nothing special.... But the place is good and nice... I like the place than the food.. hehe..

Talaga Samipreun
Blok B7/N1 Boulevard Bintaro Jaya
Kawasan Niaga Bintaro Sektor 7
Tangerang Selatan
(021) 745 3999


  1. i have been there too and yes,, sooo lovely place.. not just for lunch or dinner you can even go there for coffee and snack..

  2. yea... the place so lovely.. It will be perfect if they improve the quality of the food.. :D