Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chung Gi Wa

Yeyy.. Finally I tried chung gi wa.. Already quite long, I wanna try eating in here because my friend n my sis said that the food in here are good with decent price.. 

Side dish

Sauce for the grilled meat

Veggie for wrap the meat

Idk what the use of the garlic.. -__-"

Samgyopsal (55k), this is layered pork.. My sis like this, because she said this taste good and crispy when its cooked.. But I don't try it because I don't like the fat in the meat.. >.<

Kimchi Cige (48k), when I eat the first spoon, I don't really like it, but the more I eat it, the more I like it.. hehe..

This is the sauce for the grilled meat, in the left is sesame oil with salt and in the right one is peanut powder..

Bulgogi (68k), the waitress cooked it until almost burn.. so a bit bitter, but the taste actually quite sweet.. Standard only..

Dolsot Bibimbab (55k)

This is the bibimbab after mixed with the sauce.. The taste just so-so, I more like bibimbab in Han Gang..

Jumul-Luk (97k), this is beef.. Hmm.. the taste okay lah.. hehe..

Overall, I don't really fancy with this restaurant.. I more like Myeong-Ga Myeon-Ok, click here to see the review.. But my sis said the first time she ate in here the taste is good, but today she said that maybe it because the waitress not good at cooked it.. 

Chung Gi Wa
Jl. Darmawangsa III No.2
(021) 726 1924

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