Monday, December 12, 2011

Union (revisit)

Today is monday.. and I'm quite excited because finally I can hang out with my friends before they are leaving for a long holiday... And they wanna hang out in Union.. because.. it's a nice place to take a pic.. haha.. Oya.. check out my previous visit in here and here...

Hot Green Tea (25k)

My friend ordered this Aglio Olio with Scallop..  I forgot the exact name and the price.. But if I'm not wrong this aglio olio around (60-70k).. Oya.. actually the spaghetti aglio olio taste quite nice.. And the scallop so tempting.. But the taste of the scallop less salty - very plain.. So I don't really like it.. My friend also not finish her scallop.. :(

I ordered Union Burger, Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Fries (70k)
The pic of the burger looks yummy right?? but the taste not as yummy as the pic.. >.< I just like the fries.. ONLY.. sorry to say.. But my friend also agree with me.. The patty they cooked medium well, which is I dont like.. This patty, not steak.. when I cut it, still have the blood.. :( then the bacon also less salty, very plain.. I prefer burger in Tin Pan Alley.. very tasty and good.. click here to see it.. :)

Oya.. FYI.. my previous visit I don't like my red velvet cake, but today, when I tried my friend red velvet cake, I like it.. The taste very different with the previous visit.. Yummy.. :)

Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8

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