Saturday, February 4, 2012


Tiap gw ke Pacific Place, gw liat ada coffee shop baru buka and tempatnya lucu.. tapi lom pernah coba.. And finally hari ini gw coba.. hehe..

Ini ada 2 lantai gitu.. disiapin colokan ampir tiap meja.. Jadi bs maen laptop sambil ngecas..

I ordered Hot Chocolate (Large - 40k), The taste of the chocolate very rich and taste good.. it's different from other hot chocolate.. I like it.. :D but too pricey for me.. hixx.. :'(

Iced Peach Ice Tea (Large - 29k), hmm.. the peach ice tea taste okay.. Can really taste the peach.. Oya.. they gave 2 slice of peach inside the tea.. and again too pricey for just only tea..

Pacific Place
Kawasan SCBD
4th Floor

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