Friday, February 10, 2012


Day 3 (cont..)

From ION, we went to Mandarin Gallery to having some dessert in antoinette... 


I like the plate and the napkin with A logo.. Very elegant and classy.. :)

Antoinette (S$9)

Inside the antoinette ^^

I ordered this cake.. Hmm.. I like this cake.. actually this a mousse cake.. The mousse very soft.. Even this is dominant with the chocolate flavor, but I still can taste the earl grey.. Then there is something crunchy, taste like caramel or praline or nougatine in the bottom.. and the sponge cake inside the mousse also taste good and soft..  In the top of the mousse cake, there is something like a balloon.. if u prick it, it will come out raspberry liquid if I'm not wrong.. I think the that ballon made from jelly.. Overall taste good.. Must try.. :D

My sis ordered Strawberry Shortcake (S$8), Hmm.. the sponge cake is soft.. I like the cream.. The strawberry also fresh.. The taste is light.. I like this too.. :)

I like the glass, so I took the pic of this glas.. ^^

They don't have bill folder, they using this box to give the bill.. Cute, right?? Oya.. the price is exclude of the service charge 10% and GST 7%

This is the last pic.. I took from my instagram.... :)

Mandarin Gallery
33A Orchard Road


  1. Gabbb, tnyata ini ya blog lo, dah bnyak bnget review lo :o
    Ini Antoinette g jg pngen cb, worth it ga?

    1. Hahha.. kok u bs tau je?? jadi malu.. ing gw kacau.. >.< Enakkkk je... tapi klo di rupiahin lebih mahal dr kek d hotel. haha.. :D