Thursday, February 9, 2012

69 Cold Soya Beancurd

Day 2... Yey.. Second day of my SG trip.. Actually today I went to Kahlang Bahru to look some baking shop named Kitchen Scrapers.. I want to buy varlhona chocolate 65%, but unfortunately is out of stock.. hix.. So when me and my sis passed this cold soya beancur in the hawker center.. I want to eat it, because the beancurd in old airport hawker center taste good..

Even the place in hawker center and so small, but this shop got A for hygiene and cleanliness.. ^^d

Firstly, we just bought cold Original Soya Beancurd (S$1.50), this is to share with my sis, but when we ate this.. The taste is super duper yummy.. its melted in your mouth and not too sweet.. Aaa... I'm drooling now.. Okay.. because this is very delicious, we decide to bought another one with different flavor...

Chocolate Beancurd (S$1.50)

The Chocolate Beancurd also very nice and yummy.. Now.. I really want to eat this.. T__T Its very soft and melted in your mouth... The dark chocolate color in the bottom of the beancurd taste very chocolaty... Nyammm.. =9 make you wanna eat more and more..

Because we still wanna eat more... With decide to bought another one again.. hehe...
Now is Green Tea Beancurd (S$2), the green tea beancurd also melted in your mouth, but the I can't really taste the green tea... I recommend the original and chocolate.. Next time I wanna try almond and strawberry.. =)

Oya.. the last, but not the least.. the owner or the person who sell this very nice auntie.. :)

This is the name card.. If you wanna try this awesome beancurd.. :)

69 Cold Soya Beancurd
Blk 69, #01-2763
Geylang Bahru
Singapore 330069
Telp. (+65) 9321 7681 -Leong-

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