Friday, February 10, 2012

Tsukiji Gindaco

Day 3 (cont..)

Still in third day of our SG trip, and yes.. we still in ION..
After ate fancy delight and gogo frank.. Now we try gindaco.... :)
Anw... the best tako in sg is in ION.. I always like tako in here, even I also like the tako in taka.. hehe.. Hmm.. maybe because I like takoyaki.. :)

Gindaco Original Sauce (S$3.6 - 4pcs)

This is the inside of the tako,, got octopus.. Huaaa.. I really like it.. I want to eat this tako now... huhu... the tako is crunchy outside, soft inside.. yumm..... =9

Banana Custard (S$2)

In the same place sell tako, they sell taiyaki too.. FYI, taiyaki is a Japanese fish shape waffle cake and have a filling inside.. :)

I choose the banana chocolate.. I really like it, the taiyaki is crunchy outside, warm inside, can taste the banana and chocolate, the custard also taste good.. Yummy... must try the tako and taiyaki.. :)

Gindaco Takoyaki ION Orchard - #B4-64/65 
2 Orchard Turn
Tel. (+65) 6509 9038


Still continue our snack food culinary... Actually we went here in day 2.. but because the name under gindaco, so I write it in the same post.. After from Kahlang Bahru, the place we ate the awesome beancurd,we went to Raffles City..
There is gindaco taiyaki too in raffles city, but the savory version...
German Potato (S$2.2), I like this.. very tasty.. Maybe because I like potato.. But my sis also agree with me.. this is taste good..

Bacon & Egg (S$2.8), hmm.. because I like bacon and egg, I also like this.hehe.. For me, all gindaco item, takoyaki and taiyaki all taste good.. If u don't believe me, you can try it.. :)

Oya.. still in day 2.. At the night, my uncle brought us to have dinner in Hai Tien Lo in Pan Pacific.. All the food he ordered very nice.. I like the paikut (idk the spelling), but this is like pork ribs something,, but the taste very good, the mayonaise fried prawn also very nice and the prawn is fresh, and many more.. Unfortunately, I can't take the picture, because i fell its not polite to take pic of the food when someone invited us.. But I took one pic, but not the food.. its the table setting... :)
I love the plate.. very elegant.. :)

RAFFLES CITY Shopping Center

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