Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Botak Jones (revisit)

Yeyyy.. Singapore I'm back... I always excited if going to Singapore... because... I can meet my friends again... :D This time I went to Sg, because my bro wanna find a place in Sg to stay for 1 year.. He's going to take his master in there... :)

Okay.. today is day 1... 
At night, my sis wanna to try Botak Jones, because I always say to her the food in here very yummy.. =9
Anw.. this is not the first time I went here.. Check out my first visit in here..

Cajun Chicken (Large - S$14.80), I always like their cajun chicken, very yummy.. but this is the first time I order large size, and I quite surprise when the food came out.. Large size same like you got 2 chicken.. Woww.. I share this with my sis.. Very large portion.. And the taste as usual, very yummy.. I like it.. My sis also like it.. MUST TRY.. Oya.. I like the fries alot.. The baked bean also taste good.. :)

NZ Ribeye Lady's Cut (S$12.90 - 150gr).. All sets include 2 sides, I choose Spicy Fries and Double Baked Cheese Potato (add S$0.80).. For the steak, we always order well done.. The steak also very yummy and tasty.. =9 Even the picture not look tempting.. But trust me.. the taste is good.. :) The steak very tender and juicy.. The baked potato also taste good.. But I still prefer the spicy fries.. hehe..

Botak Jones (Orchad Youth Park)
121 Somerset Road

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