Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre (Best Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice)

SG trip.. Day 1..

 Duck Rice (S$3)

The taste of this duck rice quite similar to hainanese chicken rice, but different.. hard to explain.. This duck rice taste good.. 

Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Stall

Hainanese Boneless Chicken (S$3.8 - extra rice)

Hainanese Boneless Chicken (S$3.50)
Tong Fong Fatt Boneless Chicken has the best hainanese boneless chicken rice.. I love the chicken rice in here... The rice very fragant and taste good.. the boneless chicken also very tender, no skin, and tasty.. yummy.. =9

Soya Bean (S$0.80), taste okay.. big portion of drink.. haha..

Lemon Sugar Cane (S$1.40), just okay..

Uncle Sim Stall

Fish Noodle (S$3)

Hmm.. I don't really like this fish noodle, because the taste just like spicy something.. hard to explain..  >.<

Kim Kee Stall

Fried Oyster (S$5), i like this fried oyster.. taste good.. the chili sauce also blend well with the fried oyster.. yumm... =9

From all the food I ate at this Whampoa Market and Food Centre, the most food I like to dislike are : HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE, duck rice, fried oyster, and the last is fish noodle... :D 

Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre
92 Whampoa Drive

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