Saturday, August 4, 2012

2am Dessert Bar (revisit - updated)

August 12, 2011

This is the second time I went to 2am Dessert Bar.. Click here to check my previous visit..

This is the cover of the menu.. It's unique, because the cover is the sketch of the place..

The place always cozy and nice place to hang out.. and it's open till 2am like the name... :D

I ordered Purple (S$16), this is purple potato puree, blackberry parfait, leather lavender marshmallow, fruits of the forest sorbet?? Every time I going here and see the dessert, I eat with my eyes first.. because the presentation and the garnish so tempting and artistic, and looks delicious.. =9 The taste?? yummy.. I like the blackberry sorbet, I like the blackberry mousse, very smooth, lil bit sour and sweet.. the purple potato puree if you eat that only, the taste just plain, but if you eat with the others, the taste blend well and yummy... the long one on the top is raspberry jelly.. Now you know why the name is Purple.. I really like this.. =9

Cheese Avalanche (S$17), this is kikos, home made biscotti, sous vide cantaloupe, candied figs.. All the plating in here very artistic right?? so beautiful and tempting.. Because of that I like to go to 2am Dessert Bar.. this dessert also yummy.. the white one is the cheese, its very soft and yummy.. =9

Toffee Pudding (S$15), this is served with custard and maple whisky jelly.. I don't try this, but my friend said the taste like a normal toffee pudding, but the way he present this dessert so tempting, I like they quenelle the ice cream.. Looks beautiful.. :D

Basil White Chocolate (S$16), this is seagrapes, passionfruit fluff, pastilles, coconut sorbet.. I can taste the chocolate and the basil.. But I don't really like this, because I don't like white choco and don't really like the taste of basil.. Then the white one looks like square shape, the texture like macaroon, but the taste lil bit sour..

Twix (S$16), this is peanut crumble, caramel mousse, chocolate ice cream.. The taste also yummy... a lil bit bitter, but also sweet, inside have like choco flakes, or something choco and crunchy.. c'est delicieux aussi.. =9

My friend ordered Ice Lemon Tea, I don't know the price.. The taste very unique, different from other lemon tea, I don't know what they used, but taste good.. This is home made lemon tea.. =9

Next time if I go to Singapore again, I wanna try the other dessert in here... Because all looks tempting.. hahaha.. And if you in singapore or holiday in there.. Must try this 2am Dessert Bar... Happy trying.. :D

..UPDATED.. (August 4, 2012)

I'm quite disappointed with this time visit.. The menu change.. The staff change.. The price change (increase).. but the taste decrease.... >.<

 new menu

 new starter menu

Kayambe H20 (S$18), the one which is like rock in brown color is chocolate, but taste bitter.. the black crumble like oreo crumble, caramel sauce, caramel mousse, and yuzu sorbet.. this taste a bit weird, especially the chocolate.. but I like the sorbet.. taste good..

 Popcorn (S$17), the taste is salty, sweet, sour... taste so-so.. >.<

 Red Miso Caramel Bavarois (S$15)

2am: Dessert Bar
21A Lorong Liput
Holland Village Singapore
Tel: +65 6291 9727
Operating Hours:
Mon to Sat 6pm – 2am
(Closed on Sun)

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