Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ssikkek BBQ Korean Restaurant

SG Trip.. Day 5..

My brother brought us to this place.. when I search in google, I find out this is the sister company of famous Korean buffet BBQ 2D1N at Tanjong Pagar.. So I'm quite excited to eat in here.. But we queuing almost 1.5 hour to get the seats.. >.< I'm suggest if you want to eat at lunch, come here before its open, around 11am..

Lunch Price for adult is S$12++, open 11.30 - 14.30
Dinner Price for adult if I'm not wrong around S$22++
All price exclude GST 7% and service charge 10%

They have 5 types of meat: pork, chicken, beef, samgyeopsal, and squid.. the chicken, pork, and beef already seasoned..

 The side dish: orange, spinach, kimchi etc..

This is the section of veggie, sauce, soya, sesame oil etc to eat with the grilled meat..

They also have fried rice, japchae, sausages, and 4 types of soups.. I just remember two soups, kimchi soup and seaweed soup.. I tried the kimchi soup and it taste good.. :D

the japchae, sausage, and fried rice also taste good..

 fried rice, japchae, spinach, kimchi, sausages

 beef, pork, and squids

 Kimchi Soup.. taste good

cooked meat

This buffet is self service.. we take the water, cutlery, food, and grilled the meat by ourselves..
But all the food taste good.. Im not regret that I'm queueing almost 1.5 hour to eat in here.. :D

275 Thomson Road
+65 6254 8123

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