Monday, August 6, 2012

Food For Thought

SG Trip.. Day 3..

 Tea (S$3.50)

Basic Works (S$7) + Scone (S$3) + Hashbrown (S$3)
the basic works just brioche with scrambled eggs, and bacon.. but my friend customized it.. she add scone and hashbrown.. The scone taste good.. If im not wrong, its raisin scone.. 

Full Works (S$18), this is the complete breakfast.. there are toasted brioche, scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken sausages hash brown, garlic mushroom, and thyme tomato salad.. I love this dish.. super duper yummy.. the hash brown yummy, even the texture like mashed potato, the mushroom juicy.. the brioche taste good.. oya. the bacon not salty enough.. almost bland.. Overall is good.. =9

 courtesy from my instagram ^^

Food For Thought
8 Queen Street (beside Singapore Art Museum)
Singapore 188535
+65 6338 9887

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