Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canele (updated)

December 18, 2010

After ate dinner with M at Osaka, we passed by the canele.. The cakes and macaroons in the display looks tempting.. So we decided to ate the dessert in here.. We asked the server which the best cake here, and the server gave some names which is the signature cake here.. Finally.. we decided to try this 2 cakes..

My friend ordered one of the signature collection, Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (S$8.00), walnut chocolate fudge cake, chocolate chip, cheese cake and dark chocolate chantily.. The taste??? Delicious... The cheesecake blended well with the chocolate, so the taste of chocolate not too rich..

I also ordered one of the signature collection, Le Royale (S$7.00), chocolate mousse 66% layered with hazelnut feullitine, almond, and chocolate genoise with rum.. The chocolate is rich, the cake lush and moist.. Its very nice chocolate cake.. Yummy... =9 

..UPDATED.. (August 8, 2012)

Day 5 (cont..)

this time visit to canele gave a bad impression to me and my sis because the filipino waiter named HIDAYAH.. She's very rude and NO MANNER..

Le Royale (S$7.48)

 The Le Royale already change.. you can see the different from the picture above.. the base like thin chocolate sponge, then crisp something, then chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse.. I like this cake.. can taste the hazelnut flavor..

 Mangue Passion Chocolat Blanc (S$7.01)

This is white chocolate mousse with mango mousse in the middle, the base like sable, on the top of the base like sponge with coconut flavor, then all cover with mango jelly I think with coconut flakes.. I don't really like this cake.. But I like the mango passion fruit mousse in the middle..

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Singapore 179103
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