Saturday, September 21, 2013

Publico (UDPATED)


Prawn Aglio Olio (75k), mediocre only..


September 14, 2013

Flirty Cotton Candy (40k), the concoction are raspberry puree, lime, strawberry syrup, and served with a cotton candy.. I like this drink, sweet, sour, refreshing.. but too bad the cotton candy is not like what I expected..
Grilled Chicken Breast in Herb Marinated (80k), this is Thai-style marinade of ginger, lemon grass and tamarind, served with potato rosti.. In the menu stated potato rosti, but when the dish came out, is not potato rosti.. It is like potato cake, but flat.. :( anw I like the chicken, tasty and tender.. The mixed mushroom and red bean also taste good.. Love it..

Roasted Chicken, crispy outside, but my friend says the chicken too dry and the sauce taste weird.. so she's not use the sauce.. Anw.. the potato taste good.. 

Fav dish : Grilled Chicken
Rate : 8/10


March 4, 2013

Publico belom lama buka, karena tiap pulang lewatin ini, terus kayak bagus gitu luarnya, jadi penasaran.. Nyobain deh.. Dalem nya juga bagus.. lantai paling atas buat non smoking, bawah smoking.. Tapi pas uda malem lantai paling atas super remang-remang, ampe mau baca menu aja susah..


Mango Julius (35k), the concoction are frozen mango puree, milk, vanilla extract, served with vanilla gelato, and dried flakes.. Ini berasa mangga nya and rasanya manis.. gw ga terlalu suka ini..

Copacabana (40k), the concoction are peach, kiwi, mango, orange, yogurt, and honey smoothie topped with coconut cream.. Ini rasanya manis.. Berasa yogurt and mangga nya.. Terus ada fresh peach, kiwi, and orange nya..

Black Angus Beef Burger (80k)

Beef patty nya enakk.. tasty and juicy.. Gw suka sih.. Kalo french fries nya enak, cuma a bit oily..

Creamy Smoked Scallops (80k), ini enakkkk.. gw suka scallop nya, tasty.. kalo pasta nya biasa aja creamy pasta gitu..

 Black Angus Tenderloin (195k)

In the menu stated that this tenderloin served with wild mushrooms, grilled asparagus, wasabi mashed potatoes and a drizzle of truffle oil.. Tapi ga ada asparagus nya and ga berasa truffle oil..

Pesennya well done sih, tapi dateng nya medium well, jadi kita minta di buat well done lagi.. Ini enak.. beef nya empuk, ga alot.. Sauteed mushroom nya juga enak, cuma mashed potato nya yang gw ga suka, aneh rasanya and rasanya manis..

 Chilled Varlhona Mars Bar (55k)

This is valrhona chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, vanilla chantily, topped with salted caramel..Ini enakkkkkk.. Mousse nya light.. terus bawahnya kayak oreo tapi bukan oreo, maybe choco crumble nya..

*all prices exclude tax 10% + s.c 10%

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