Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Le Quartier Restaurant

I have often passed this place.. Previously, they only open for dinner, then open for lunch, and now open for breakfast from 7.30 am.. I just knew from the sous chef that they just open for breakfast two days ago..

I like the ambience in here, but one thing bother me.. FLY... even it just ONE fly, but still bother me...

Dispenser for wine.. Cool, huh?!?

nice seating place

Le Quartier Citrus Cooler (38k), the concoction are lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, berries, ginger syrup, and soda water.. I like this.. taste good and refreshing.. The taste similiar to virgin mojito, but not as sour as virgin mojito..

Apple Iced Tea (38k), the concoction are apple juice, black tea, mint blueberries, and sliced apple.. The taste just like apple juice, maybe too much apple juice?

Le Quartier (88k)

This is two eggs any style (I choose omelette), pork or beef ham, bacon or chicken sausage, hash browns, grilled tomato, toast, butter, jam, and fruit salad.. I just realize when I make this review that I don't get the fruit salad.. :'( anw the hash brown is tasteless, grilled tomato taste okay, omelette just so-so and too dry, the sausage taste good..

This is the toast, butter, strawberry and apricot jam.. There are 2 kind of bread.. The first one is normal french baguette, the other one is wheat and have some seeds mixed with the bread.. I like the normal french baguette, but the other one also taste good even quite hard to bite.. 

If you follow my instagram @gabriellaharianto, maybe you already saw this pic...
This is L'americain (156k), Grilled 120 gr striploin, two fried eggs, bacon or beef ham, hash browns, grilled tomato, toast, butter, jam, fruit salad.. Nice eggs, tender steak even we ordered well done and coming out medium well. The steak also almost taste bland too.. Anw this dish should come along with fruit salad, but we didn't get it too..

Overall the dish taste okay, but not wow.. I prefer Koi for brunch.. Will I come back again?? Maybe yess.. I quite curious to try their lunch or dinner menu.. :)

Rate : 7.7/10

*all prices exclude s.c 10% + tax 10%

Le Quartier Restaurant
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Before Loobie and Turkuaz
South Jakarta

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