Friday, September 13, 2013

Mama Goose

Nice place with good ambience..

Burma Burma (40k), the concoction are melon, orange, lychee, fresh milk, and yogurt.. I like this, there are fresh orange, melon and lychee in it.. The taste is sweet, you can taste the milk and yogurt too..

Huckleberry (40k), this is mama goose's signature mocktail with secret ingredients.. I don't try this, but my friend prefer this than burma burma..

 Mama's Juicy Beef Burger (60k)

This is beef patty in crispy-butter bun served with crispy onion, coleslaw, and potato chips.. The patty was juicy and moist, taste good also.. The bun quite soft. I like this burger.. The potato chips is okay, not really like the coleslaw..

 Gyu Tan Don (60k)

This is sweet and spicy sauteed gyu tan served with fresh chilies, spring onion and japanese rice..

Rate : 7.8/10

*all prices exclude s.c 5% + tax 10%

Mama Goose
Jl. Panglima Polim IX no. 16
South Jakarta
(021) 722 9292

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