Saturday, July 9, 2011


I watched Master Chef Australia and in the master class, they made Blueberry Rhubab Crumble Souffle.. And because of that.. I'm craving for souffle.. Then I asked my lil' sis to eat souffle at Bakerzin

There is a promo, if you buy pasta, the price of the drink just (12.5k), but for Raspberry Mojito and Mango Mojito.. My dad choose Raspberry Mojito.. Actually this is virgin raspberry mojito because don't have alcohol in it.. And as we all know, mojito is crushes and muddle drinks, but I thought they not muddle the mint leave and the lime wedge, because the taste just sweet and lil bit sour, so I muddled it by my self with the stirrer.. haha..

Caesar Salad (40k), I always love caesar salad.. especially caesar salad at potato head.. Yummy.. This caesar salad also deliceux.. I like the crouton in here.. Hmm.. Just the boiled egg used to be half boiled... >.<

This is the pasta with promo that I mention before.. Tomato Chicken Pasta with Olive Pesto (57.5k), I like the pasta, the chicken all breast.. The taste also nice.. But I didn't taste any pesto in it.. hehe..

Jeng... Jeng... Jeng.. Here is it... The SOUFFLE.... :D

Bailey Irish Cream Souffle
My sis ordered Bailey's Irish Cream Souffle (47.5k).. For the souffle the waiter said that we have to wait 15 minutes, but in fact, we need to wait 25 minutes, but its okay... :D The taste of this souffle, I taste coffee/cappuccino in it, but I didn't taste baileys, maybe they just put a lil bit of baileys.. >.<

This is what I ordered, Raspberry Souffle (47.5k), The taste?? C'est deliceux... The Souffle very smooth like a velvet.. You must try.... And this souffle not too sweet, because the ice cream is raspberry souffle.. sour-sweet.. Perfect combination... =9

When I eat souffle, I like to make a hole in the middle, then put the ice cream inside.... ^^

Waiting for 25 minutes, but we finish it in 5 minutes.. haha..

Plaza Senayan 
2F Unit 231 A - 239 A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8

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