Friday, August 19, 2011

La Biere

After watched Kungfu Panda 2 with my friends, we decided to try La Biere.. When we come, the place a bit crowded because a lot of guest eating in outdoor area.. Then we decided to eating in indoor area, but there are not enough chairs for all of us, but they just told us to wait.. When we see the empty chair, the waiter also not give us that chair, until we have to take the chair by ourself.. And many more things.. At that time I feel like this restaurant service really sucks, I mean not well-trained.. Many staffs, but they work so slow, not attentive, and like don't know what to do.. Actually I don't know why they like that, maybe because too crowded or what.. but when my other friends came here in the afternoon-evening, they got a good service, even not very attentive.. Hmm.. Maybe it's my unlucky day.. hehe..

La Biere Fungi Pizza (48k), this is pizza with beef bacon and fungi mushrooms, but the beef bacon too little until we can't see at the picture.. hehe.. But the taste nice.. I like thin crisp pizza.. Yummy.. make me want more.. :)

Molten Choco Cake (35k), they said need to wait 20 minutes, but the fact more than 20 minutes, until my food already finish, but the cake still not come out.. At first I already said to serve it together.. And then.. this is make me really disappointed.. I know if molten choco means inside have the melted choco.. But the melted choco I expected like the real molten choco cake..  Hix.. U can see from the picture the melted choco very watery, and the taste like "susu kental manis".. But I don't know.. The normal molten choco cake I know not like this, but maybe this is their unique molten choco cake.. Maybe..

La Biere
Central Park - Tribeca Ground Floor

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