Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten Ten

Me and my sis curious with this new restaurant.. Still one company with bakerzin, sushi tei, etc.. So.. we decided to try..

I like this.. it's cute and have the story that you can read while you waiting your food..

Mini Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki (80k), not just the tempura that is mini, but the salmon is mini too... :( Is too pricey for me.. 80k but just like this.. :'(  Anw FYI this restaurant special is their tempura.. You can choose the tempura to be spicy, original or with blackpepper.. And also served with miso soup..

Mini Tempura & Beef Teriyaki (50k), the taste just standard, nothing special..

Iced Matcha Latte (18k), hmm... because I like green tea so I quite like this drink.hehe.. but I prefer Hot Green Tea Latte in starbucks.. haha.. But different price, different taste you get.. But this drink not bad.. Nice also... If you like green tea, you can try to order this drink..

Green Tea Mousse (20k), the presentation is nice.. hehe.. they served with cold milk, the mousse inside quite soft and nice, there is like a sponge cake in the bottom of the mousse, and the outside is quite.. Difficult to explain in english..  Like hard shell you can crack it with spoon to see the mousse inside.. Do you get what I mean?? >.< Sorry.. My english not good, so hard to explain it.. >.<

Matcha Kakigori (18k), I like this dessert.. I like the shaved iced, very smooth, like a velvet.. And still can taste the matcha.. The 3 white mini ball is motchi.. hehe..

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement #16-19

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