Saturday, November 5, 2011

Steak Hotel by Holycow (revisit)

(part 3/3) After from bakerzin.. We continue to holycow steak.. because its my birthday day... I got a free steak.. Yeyy... Anw.. Check out my previous review in here..

Free Refill Iced Green Tea (13.5), the taste standard lipton green tea if I'm not wrong..

Free Refill Lemon Tea (13.5k)

Buddy's Special (70k - 200gr), I don't know what kind of steak this is, but I'm full just eat one of them.. My sauce is mushroom sauce.. The taste of mushroom sauce is good.. p.s this is my free bday steak.. yeyy..

Prime Sirloin (55k - 200gr)

Prime Rib Eye (60k - 200gr)
My mom ordered rib eye and my sis sirloin.. I like both the steak.. why??  it's a secret.. don't tell anyone..  actually because I don't know what the different.. hehe.. :p

Steak Hotel by Holycow
Jl. Bakti no. 15
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

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