Saturday, November 5, 2011


(part 1/3) Today is Saturday.. And It's my birthday... Yeyyyy.... \(^o^)/ In the evening.. I went to poste with my mom and sis.. I really want to try eat in this restaurant, but always don't have time and scare if I will lost because I don't know how the way to get there.. Hmm.. Poste is a nice place to hang out with friends.. If I'm not wrong, at night there is dj or live music.. (i'm forgot)


The menu

Virgin Pink Caipiroska (30), the concoction are muddled strawberries, mint, lime, and sugar.. The taste is sour, sweet..

Smooth Operator (30k), the concoction are mango, banana, raspberry, and yogurt.. The taste is nice and refreshing.. :D

Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Rosemary Chicken (45k), this is like the usual caesar salad, there are romain lettuce, poached egg, turkey bacon bit, etc.. The sauce taste not good for my liking, and too little.. But I like the chicken and the bacon.. Yummy.. 

Sweet Potato Fries (20k), this sweet potato serve with 3 kinds of dipping sauces.. There are black pepper honey, pasto mayo, and mayo sauce.. Overall I don't really like it.. The dipping sauce does not match with the sweet potatoes.. :(

Think Crust Carbonara Pizza (70k), there are parmesan crust, turkey bacon, button mushroom, roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese, cream, and egg.. Overall.. the taste is not good on my liking... >.<

The East Building
Ground Floor
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E.3.2 No. 1 
(021) 25542707

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