Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bakerzin (revisit)

(part 2/3).. After from poste, we are heading to Plaza Senayan to choose my mini birthday cake in bakerzin... Actually this is not my first time I went here.. Check out my previous visit in here and here..

Sweet Pleasure (30k).. This cake really delicious.. I really like it.. Can taste the crispy and hazelnut flavor.. Yummy... =9

hey... you can see there are like caramel or what is that, I dont know in the 4th layer from the top.. In that part, I can taste something salty.. hehe..

Iced Chocolate (27.5k), the taste is standard.. Nothing special with this drink..

Caraibe Raspberry Blend (32.5k), this is their new menu using valrhona chocolate.. This is varlhona dark chocolate raspberry blended with raspberry sorbet & chocolate brownies.. The taste quite weird.. The taste of the raspberry and the chocolate drink does not match, very contrast... So it's not suitable in my liking..  >.<

Plaza Senayan 
2F Unit 231 A - 239 A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8

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