Saturday, November 26, 2011


From brightspot market, we decided to eat in here... The place quite small.. but there is something unique in their ceiling... see the picture below...

I ordered Nannini Burger (85k), this is char grilled Australian beef patty topped with emmental cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle, and stuffed with mozzarella in the middle.. Because I'm hungry at that time, I feel the burger is nice.. But my sis said that the burger not that good, the burger in Tin Pan Alley more nice.. and I agree with her.. Click here to see the reiview of Tin Pan Alley..

Roast Chicken (75k)

Chicken Cordon Bleu (75k), I don't know the taste, because this is my friend food.. But look nice.. hehe..

 Grilled Cheese and Chicken (90k), this is also my other friend food.. Looks good right??

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Con Pollo (65k), this is spaghetti in a spicy olive oil and garlic sauce served with a selection of dice roast chicken breast.. My sis like this spaghetti oglio olio.. The taste for me is okay.. a bit spicy... the spaghetti also cooked al dente.. :D
Flip Flop (35k), the concoction are peach, orange zest, strawberry syrup, and lychee juice.. Hmm.. the taste of lychee flavor quite strong, but I don't really like it, because its a bit too sweet.. 

Crazy Apple Mint (35k), I like this drink.. because I always like virgin mojito.. This is virgin mojito with apple flavor.. Like it.. :)

Tropical Fushion (35k)

Peach Tea (27.5k)

Plaza Senayan
3rd Floor #317a
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8

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