Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fountain Lounge

After eat at South Beauty.. Me, my sis, and my friend went to Plaza Indonesia.. Then suddenly we want to having a high tea at Grand Hyatt.. This Fountain Lounge is a nice place to sitting, chit chat and killing time.. Because we had a reservation at cork & screw at 18.30 and we are very lazy to wandering around the mall.. haha.. :D

We ordered Traditional English High Tea (168k), the high tea menu is available from 3 pm - 6 pm.. The high tea is 3 tire set.. And include choices of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.. For coffee and tea (refillable), but for hot chocolate (can't refill).. Oya.. because this high tea for 2 person, so we can choose 2 kind of drinks.. :D

This is the first plate on the top.. Assorted dessert.. the macaroon taste okay.. I like the eclair.. the strawberry tartlet and the panna cotta taste okay.. I just don't like the yellow square things.. I'm not sure what is that.. But the taste not good.. hehe..

This is the second tire.. Sandwiches.... There are 3 types of sandwiches.. Smoked salmon sandwich, egg mayonnaise sandwich, and chicken tomato sandwich.. For me.. because I don't like salmon that not cooked.. So I prefer the chicken tomato, then egg mayonnaise, the last is smoked salmon.. But if you like smoked salmon.. I think u will like it.. hehe.. :)

Now we come to the last tire.. Home baked scones.. There are 2 types of scones.. Plain and with raisins..   I like the plain one.. I really like the scones.. I like the strawberry jam too.. But I don't really like the cream.. a bit smell of egg.. But I don't know it's contain egg or not.. hehe..

I love the tea pot and the tea cup... <3 Oya.. there are many choices for the tea.. and my friend choose Fraise Gariguette (Strawberry) Tea, its a china and ceylon teas blended with strawberry pieces.. I like this tea.. Have a wonderful strawberry flavors..

This is the other drink.. Hot Chocolate... hmm.. the hot chocolate a bit thick, but quite nice.. But I more like the hot choco in de luca.. :)

Fountain Lounge
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Jalan M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30,
Jakarta 10350Indonesia 

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