Thursday, September 1, 2011

South Beauty

Yeyy.. Finally.. I can tried South Beauty, because last time after I finished eating in Tin Pan Alley and wanna have a dessert in here, this restaurant closed.. >.<

I like the interior and the ambience in here.. Very nice... Also the service.. Very attentive.. I always like restaurants who have an attentive service.. It's have a plus point.. :)

The chinaware in here also very cute, because all the chinaware have the logo of south beauty.. me.. likey.. this.. very.. much.. Because I like cute things.. >.<

Okay.. not lets talk about the food.. Yeyy.. Yeyy.. I love this part.. Because make me hungry... >.<

Rice Flour Rolls with Cha Liong (20.8k), this dim sum contain shrimp, and covered like cakwe, the the white one is rice flour.. really hard to explain.. huhu.. just one thing I know.. The taste is good.. yummy.... Oya... this dish served with 3 sauce.. in the mini jug like soya sauce, you need to pour it to the dish, and you can eat it with the light brown color is peanut sauce, the dark brown color I don't know what, but the taste like the sauce for peking duck.. but I more likey the dark brown sauce.. Yummy.. =)

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (18k - 4 pcs), this this we know also as hakau.. Because I like shrimp, so I like this hakau.. And more over, I can taste the freshness of the shrimp, when I take a bite, I can feel the crunchiness too.. like this... :D

Jiaozi - Dumplings with Spicy Sauce (18k), Hmm... actually I like the dumplings, but I don't like the sauce.. my friend and my sis also don't like the sauce, and because the dumpling already mixed along with the sauce, so.. I don't like this dish.. :( 

Pan Fried Chicken & Beef Bun with Scallion and Sesame (18k - 3pcs), I like this dish too, even there no shrimp in this dish.. I like the bun, soft and can taste a bit sweet, and the meat inside also nice eat together with the bun. yummy... =9 Now.. I feel hungry.. hix.... *mouthwatering..

Pan Fried Minced Chicken & Beef Dumplings (18k - 3pcs), this dish come along with the soya sauce if I'm not wrong... the taste?? Actually I forgot the exact taste.. but I thinks just so-so, because I just like the cha liong, hakau, and bun.. hihi...

Yeyy.. now we come to dessert.. I love this part because I love dessert so much..
This is Four Treasures of The Scholar's Studio (28k - got one each), because in the picture you can see two each part, so the price 56k, you got what I tried to tell you guys, ryt?? *hard to explain what I mean.hixx..  Okay.. the waiter said this dish won a award in China.. I love the idea how can they make a dessert like this.. Firstly I think if the presentation nice and unique, usually the taste not good.. But.. just keep reading to know... hehe.. :D

I forgot what this black meaning.. Maybe the ink for the stamp.. hehe.. this is made from sesame and glutenous black rice.. The taste is hard to explain, a bit chewy, a bit sweet, like onde-onde, but I like this from the others part.. Yummy.. =9

This is a symbol of the stamp if I'm not wrong again, this made from palm sugar and white eggs, the taste is sweet..

This is a symbol of the paper, made from eggs and flour, the taste just plain..

This is edible brush made from white eggs, then the ink for the brush is strawberry jam..

You can write with the brush on the edible paper using strawberry jam as an ink.. :)
Oya... the drink that in the tea cup is Chrysantenum Tea (8k - refil)..

The waiter said, eat all together and wrap with the edible paper, so I follow the waiter suggest.. and the taste more nice than eat one by one alone.. 

Overall.. the presentation of the dessert was awesome, but the taste also not bad.. Okay lah... 
Happy trying.. :D

South Beauty
Thamrin Nine Podium (UOB Tower)
Upper Ground unit E, F
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10

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