Sunday, September 18, 2011

PEPeNERO (revisit)

My auntie told me that PEPeNERO already opened at Teras Kota-BSD.. So today.. After went to church with my grandma, auntie, and cousin.. We went here... Anw.. Click here to check my previous visit..

Iced Tea (around 20k)

Lemon Squash (around 20k)

Capricciosa (51k), this is ham, italian sausage, black olive, mushrooms, and arthicoke.. I like this pizza because thin and crisp.. But unfortunately I didn't get any sausage.. hix.. but the taste is good.. like it..

Filetto Di Manzo Al Chianti (99k), this is grilled new zealand beef tenderloin with chianti red wine sauce served with mashed potato and sauteed spinach.. Hmm.. I'm not try this dish, but my auntie said that she can really taste the red wine.. 

Tagliatelle Nere Al Salmone (48k), this is homemade black tagliatelle pasta serve in cream salmon sauce.. Actually I like salmon, cream, and pasta.. But maybe they cooked the pasta too long, so a bit soggy.. The taste also slightly less salty..

Ravioli Di Carne In Salsa Rose (49k), this is homemade ravioli pasta stuffed with beef & spinach in rose sauce.. The taste is a bit sour.. You can really taste the tomato.. But I don't really like the sauce, cause I'm not a tomato lover.. hehe..

Ravioli Di Carne Al Funghi (49k), this is homemade ravioli pasta stuffed with beef and spinach in mushroom cream sauce.. This is the same stuffed ravioli, but different sauce.. I like the mushroom cream sauce.. Really nice eat with the ravioli.. 

Panna Cotta Alla Vanilia, I forgot the price.. But I really like the panna cotta, really soft and melted in the mouth.. Not too sweet.. Just taste perfect.. Yummy.. Oya.. you can choose the sauce, there are chocolate and strawberry.. But I choose the chocolate one in here.. Next time will try with strawberry.. hehe.. Must try.. :)

Teras Kota - BSD
Ground Floor

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