Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Kopi-O!

After finish making an assignment, me and my friend feel hungry and wanna have a late dinner, so we decided to go to Living World.. Then we choose to try eating in here.. The design interior of this Kopi-O quite unique, different with other kopitiam..

The Menu

Iced Teh Tarik (18.8k), hmm.. I like the glass.. haha.. The taste of the teh tarik also nice.. I like it.. :)

This is my friend recommendation, Stirfried HK Noodle w/ Char Siew (30.8k), hmm.. the taste for me okay la.. delicious, but not very delicious.. haha.. the portion is big for me and a bit spicy.. :)

If I'm not wrong, this is HK Fried Rice w/ Crab Sauce (30.8k), the sauce not use a real crab, but using crab stick.. But I like the sauce.. It's nice.. hehe..

Updated 28 March 2012

Today I went to my Kopi-O! again..
I ordered Noodle Tower Seafood Egg Sauce (32.8k), this is like i fu mie, but the noodle is thinner.. I like the crispy noodle.. For the sauce.. I also like the egg sauce, there are fish cake, 2pcs of wonton, 2pcs of shrimp, and a lot of onion.. haha.. I don't like onion.. But overall the taste is good.. :)

My Kopi-O!
Living World - Alam Sutera
Groud Floor Unit 35

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