Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cork & Screw

Yeahh.. this is the first time I'm come here.. Hmm... I like this place.. Nice place.. Love the ambience.. Like you in cellar room.. haha.. so many wine in here... Anw.. if you coming here on weekend and night.. It's better if you make a reservation first.. :)

Alexandria Tea (30k), I don't know what the taste, because this is my friend drink..

I ordered Holly Berry (45k), this is raspberry, strawberry, sprite, yogurt, and strawberry ice cream.. Hmm.. Personally.. I like this drink.. because I like all the concoction in this drink.. But my sis don't really like this drink.. Oya the taste is a bit sour, sweet, can taste the soda.. But if you put too long, the taste become not good.. hehe..

Beer Battered Fish and Salt Vinegar Chips (65k), I like the this fish n chip.. But the portion too small for me.. :( I prefer fish n chip at Fish & Co..

Dori Gratin with Potatoes, Mozzarella, and Spinach (85k), I love this dori gratin.. The fish so moist, juicy, and like a velvet.. Yummy.. Like it's melted in your mouth.. Now.. I'm feel very hungry.. hixx... I also like they give a lot of mozzarella cheese..

Oya.. they served this salad with the dori.. I think this is mesclun.. but I don't know.. haha.. They give the sauce is balsamic vinegar.. so taste a bit sour..

This is Coconut Home Made Sorbet (10k), this is the first time I ate coconut sorbet.. The taste is nice.. I like it.. Yummy.. =9

Mille Feuille (35k), this is thin layer of pastry with cream and chocolate filling, served with vanilla ice cream.. Actually I like this dessert.. But too much cream.. Almost all fill up with the cream until you can't see the choco filling.. But the choco filling in the bottom, below the cream.. hehe.. I like the choco filling.. The choco really rich and soft...

Cork & Screw 
Plaza Indonesia 
1st Floor, Unit 127 A-D
Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350

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