Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tony Roma's

This is the 1st time I tried Tony Roma's in Gandaria City.. Here is the review..

Compliment Bread

Chocolate Milkshake (30k), I like the chocolate milkshake.. The taste really rich of the chocolate and not too creamy.. Like it.. =9

Mozzarella Stick (60k), this serve with marinara sauce.. Hmm.. overall I like this mozzarella stick, its crisp outside, but the mozzarella not melted.. But still like it.. The weakness just one.. Too pricy for me.. hixx.. T__T

 Caesar Salad (65k), I like the crouton, but overall taste, I more like caesar salad at Potato Head.. hehe..

Southwestern Chicken (90k), this is charboiled marinated chicken breast covered in their original BBQ sauce, monterey jack cheese & cheddar cheese.. We can choose to side dish, and I choose french fries and mashed potato.. I more like the french fries, but the mashed potato also nice, even they not really mashed it.. For the chicken, I don't taste BBQ sauce, but overall the taste okay lah.. If you don't like ribs or steak, you can try to order this.. hehe..

Tony Roma's
Gandaria City
UG Floor, MUO1-UO5
Jl. K.H. Syafi'i Hazami No. 8

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