Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tin Pan Alley

My friend asked me out to eat in here.. She said the place is nice and the food also nice..
When I arrived.. I saw from outside restaurant, nothing special.. But when I came in.. Yea.. My friend is right.. The place is cozy, the ambience also quite calm.. I like this place.. :)

This is the menu.. When me and my lil sis confused about what we want to order, we asked the waiter.. Then the waiter gave us a recommendation.. And you know what?? the waiter named REZA, very different with other waiter in this restaurant and other restaurant.. Why?? Because he really gave a recommendation that really good..

Example.. Usually, if we asked, "what is the best food in here?", the waiter will said,"all is good"  -___-" but reza.. when I asked,"which one the best drink in lemonade section?" He said,"Strawberry lemonade?" I said,"anything delicious beside lemonade?how about the kiwi?" and He said,"Still strawberry lemonade."

He's a honest waiter, about food what we order, he also gave a really good recommendation.. and the result of his recommendation?? ".... let's begin...."

This is what I ordered, Mushroom-Stuffed Chicken Breast with White Butter Sauce (69k), the chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and cream cheese.. I love this.. So delicious, the chicken skin also very crispy.. I also love the mashed potato.. Yummy.. =9

My lil sis ordered this Tin Pan Alley Cheese Burger (59k), this is homemade beef burger patty with slice of cheddar, and crispy pork bacon with french fries and coleslaw.. This burger also yummy.. I like the beef patty, it's tasty and moist, the pork bacon really crispy..

Herb Roasted Chicken Leg (65k), the chicken really tender and juicy...

My friend ordered Grandma's Fried Chicken Dinner (75k), this is boneless chicken, served with mashed potato and sauteed veggie.. The sauce also nice.. But I prefer stuffed chicken.. hehe..

My sis ordered Strawberry Lemonade (39k), this drink really refreshing.. sour, a lil bit sweet.. nice homemade lemonade.. :) 
My friend ordered Strawberry Beer (35k), I'm not try this drink, because I don't like beer.. hehe.. But my friend like it.. hehe..
I ordered this mocktail, Happy Days Are Here Again (35k), this is muddled kiwi, orange, and lychee mixed with kiwi and lychee syrup... This drink really nice.. I like it.. Sweet, a lil bit sour, and still have the fruit.. =9

Overall.. this is a nice place to hang out.. The foods and the drinks also nice.. Must try.. ^^

Tin Pan Alley
Thamrin Nine Podium 
UOB Lobby
MH. Thamrin No.10 
Jakarta Pusat

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