Sunday, January 1, 2012

En Dining

Wohoo.. today I meet my friends who came from Aussie.... Then they wanna eat in here..

Onigiri Ume (2pcs - 22k)

Because I ard eat at home, so I just order this onigiri with grill salmon... Hmm.. The taste okay lah.. but the salmon too little.. hixx.. FYI.. there is salmon inside the rice ball..

Crunchy Roll (68k), prawn, avocado, tempura flake

Chicken Teriyaki (58k)

The chicken teriyaki its not come along with rice, so need to order rice if I'm not wrong, because in the bill there is price for rice.. But ask the waiter to make sure.. hehe.. I dont try the chicken teriyaki, but I see too many chicken fat.. but its look marinated well.. I think it should be tasty.. hehe..

En Dining
Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon - Level LG

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