Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pad @28

Hmm.. because I always passing this place on the way to my home.. So I search in google, is this restaurant or coffee shop and is this open for public.. Karena kalo dari luar kayak office, etc gitu.. So.. after I got what I want to know.. and this is open for public.. Gw langsung ajak ade gw kesini..

Tempatnya cozy gitu.. Enak buat nongkrong.. Oiya.. ini ada 2 lantai gitu..

They have lunch promo.. There are 4 type of lunch promo.. And we choose Lunch Promo 2 (99k), lunch promo contain of 3 course.. soup, main course, and dessert..

For the soup, Mushroom Cappuccino Soup.. Firstly I a bit confuse, is the soup contain coffee because the name have "cappuccino", but then the waitress explain that the name have "cappuccino" because they put foam on the top..  For the taste.. actually its okay.. I can taste the mushroom, but too thick and a bit too salty.. >.<

For the main course.. Grilled Salmon.. Hmm.. The salmon is tasteless... I don't really like it.. I just like the mashed potato and the sauce (the yellow one), the taste a bit sour and cheesy..

For the dessert, Dorayaki with Filling, actually I choose green tea filling, but they give one green tea, and the other one is ogura.. The taste?? I dont like it.. The dorayaki is not soft and hard.. the filling also taste weird.. the green tea smell like parfume..

Then I ordered another dessert.. This is Apple Crumble to Share (50k), this is baked apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.. I like this.. the apple taste good and still warm.. its very suitable with the ice cream and the crumble.. But the ice cream too little.. Oya.. this is good to share..

Sparkling Fresh Lemonade (30k), the taste is good.. sour and very refreshning..

p.s. : tax 10% and service 10% too.. :(

Pad @28
Pad Bar Bistro and Coffee Corner
Jl. Tulodong Atas No. 28
(021) 5874085

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