Thursday, January 5, 2012

SamWon House

From Tea Spa, me, my mom, and my sis went here.. its near our house.. hehe..


Side Dish (complimentary)

Side Dish (complimentary)

Yang Nyam Galbi (150k - aus beef), this is grilled imported seasoned bone-in ribs beef (200gr)

The beef when its ard cooked.. Hehe.. This beef eat with the veggie.. But I dont take the pic, because I ard too hungry.. hehe.. For me, the beef its okay.. I like it.. hehe..

This is the sauce for the beef, the top left picture is sweet sauce, the top right picture is olive oil, salt n pepper, the bottom one in the middle is tauco sauce..

Budae-Jjiggae Jeongol (portion for 1 person - 65k), this is spicy korean soup with sausage, meat, and vegetables.. Actually I like the soup.. When its still hot, the taste okay, but when its ard cold, the soup taste too salty.. hehe... Oya.. the waiter will asked when we order this, we want very spicy or just spicy.. hehe..

White Rice - 8k

SamWon House
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi 49
Kbayoran Baru

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