Thursday, June 30, 2011

Le Seminyak

Today, me and my dad ate lunch at Le Seminyak... My dad said that the interior design in here almost 1 billion rupiah.. Here is the review.... :)
The Menu
Inside The Restaurant
The Table
What do u think about the interior design??? I think its nice and elegant with Balinese theme.. :)

Ice Lemon Tea (14.8k), I like lemon tea in here, the taste different with the other lemon tea, I don't know what tea they used for this lemon tea.. hehe..

I ordered Nasi Campur Bali (42.8k), with a complete medley of balinese favorite dishes and satay lilit.. I like the satay lilit and the coconut flakes.. The egg too spicy for me.. And the taste of the vegetable so weird, I think because its contained "kencur".. I don't know what is the name in english, but it's like herb or something.. weksss.. I also don't like the sliced shallot.. The shredded chicken taste okay only.. :(

Nasi Campur Bali

My dad ordered Nasi Campur Bebek Goreng (48.8k), with crispy fried duck, eggs, satay lilit, and vegetables.. Actually it's almost same with nasi campur Bali, just this is with fried duck.. But my dad said that this is taste okay only, not delicious..

Le Seminyak
Pacific Place Mall
Level 5, unit 38
Tel. (021) 5140 0610

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