Sunday, June 19, 2011

De Luca (revisit)

After finished ate at Paradise Dynasty.. My dad met his friend which is one of the owner of this restaurant.. After they talked so long.. My dad decided to tried ate in here.. Actually this is not the first time I had been here.. Check this out.. De Luca first visit..

I ordered Little Princess (42k), the concoction if I'm not wrong, had pomegranate, cranberry juice, and I don't know again... sorry.. The taste?? I more like this than Green Smith, but my sis said that she more like green smith.. >.<

Americano Pizza (68k), I always love pizza in here, because thin and crunchy.. haha.. This is pizza with potato and sausages, the taste is good.. I like it, but I more like Bresaola.. :)

My bro ordered Hot Thick Italian Chocolate (35k), this time the hot chocolate is perfect.. Yeyy.. Because I said to the waitress first that last time when I ordered this, the milk not steamed well.. But today.. All good.. love it.. Oya.. if u put the orange peel on the hot chocolate, it will make had a taste of orange.. yummy.. :)

This one... I  don't know what's the name.. I thought this is our ordered, because the waitress put in our table, after I took a picture, the waitress came again and said this is not ours.. haha.. But looks yummy.. Next time I'll ordered this.. Remind me ya guys.. ^^

I don't know the exact name, maybe Spaghetti Scallop Aglio Olio (76k), the owner recommended this to my dad, but I couldn't found the name in the menu, when I asked, he said that this is in dinner menu.haha.. But the taste so-so.. The scallops got a weird smell and taste, I thought the scallops not fresh.. But they cooked the spaghetti perfect.. Al dente.. :)

De Luca
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 A

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