Monday, June 13, 2011

De Luca

Wohoo.. Finally I tried ate in here.. This is the new restaurant/cafe that opened in Palm Gate Entrance-Plaza Senayan.. 

Actually first, we got the welcome breads, but I didn't took the picture..

This is Bresaola Pizza (78k), looks so simple, right?? but.. the taste is so delicious.. I love this pizza so much.. It's thin pizza, crunchy, and YUMMY... =9

I ordered Hot Thick Italian Chocolate (35k), actually the taste is rich of chocolate and I like it, but unfortunately I think when they steam the milk, it's too hot or I don't know, the milk not good, the foam had a big bubble and not shiny.. The chocolate insoluble, still had like lumps..

My lil' sis ordered Green Smith (42k), the concoction if I'm not wrong had lemon, green apple, etc.. The taste?? Sour.. but refreshing.. :)

De Luca
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 A

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