Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Han Gang

Wohoo.. Long time not ate in Han Gang.. My mom wanted ate this.. So here is the review...

Side Dishes (Complimentary)
 Cold Ocha (15k) - refill
Hot Ocha (15k) - refill
We ordered Jumulleok (180k), charcoal grilled beef, we can choose want to cook in our table or cook in the kitchen, but we choose to cooked in out table.. There are sauce, mint leave, selada, and the beef it self for eat this.. Usually, we grilled the beef first, put in the sauce, and then cover with the leaves, then eat it..
Sauces for Jumulleok
For Cover The Beef
The Beef 
Charcoal for Grilled the Beef
Grilled Beef
I like jumulleok, the taste is good, and I can cooked it like what I want the beef to be cooked.. The beef still tender, juicy, and it's nice to eat with the sauces and the leaves.. hehe.. :)

Dolsot Yache Bibimbab (43k), rice with beef and mixed vegetables in a hot stone pot.. I like this bibimbab a lot.. Every time I came here, I usually ordered this.. Yummy.. :)

After I mixed the Bibimbab
Han Gang Samgyetang (110k), this is chicken gingseng soup.. There are 2 sizes, small (60k), but we ordered regular size.. The soup taste like thick chicken stock, I don't taste any gingseng flavor in this soup.. Inside the chicken, there are rice, half gingseng, etc.. Overall taste is so-so, because not like chicken GINGSENG soup, just like chicken soup..

Han Gang
Pacific Place Mall
Level 5, unit 37

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