Sunday, June 26, 2011


Last Sunday, I went to Sekai near my house.. I'm curious with this restaurant, because I always saw a lot of cars parking in the front of this restaurant.. Which me, a lot of guest came to eat in here...

The Menu
Inside the Restaurant (2nd floor)
Soursoup Juice (22k), my mom said this is taste good, but I'm not tried it..

Oriental Chicken Salad (22k), with teriyaki sauce.. The taste its okay, not too bad, but not good also.. but the chicken really tasty.. I think because they marinated quite long.. 

Agedashi Tofu (15k), I don't like this.. yukss.. This is just fried tofu battered with flour, the flour too sticky, tasteles.. Not good at all.. The sauce taste like soyu for sushi sauce.. :(

Mushroom in Parcel (22k), this is mixed mushroom, salmon, veggie in the foil.. The taste also.. ya... so-so lha.. When it's served not hot.. Then.. The soup taste a lil' bit sour..  

Sanma Shioyaki (65k), the taste.. okay lah.. so-so also..

Ginger Rice Ball (15k), inside the rice ball is red bean, actually we can choose between red bean, black sesame, or peanuts.. This is served with ginger soup.. But the taste of the ginger soup for me is quite weird, I can taste the spicy of the ginger, but not really tasty, the the sweetness of the soup weird, like use rock sugar, or I don't know.. The rice ball also not chewy like it used to be.. And when it served also not hot.. :(

Ice Lemon Tea (12k)
Tropical Fruit Juice (36k), served with fresh strawberry and kiwi.. The taste nice, but for me just a lil bit too sweet.. The bad things is, we ordered the drink first, but came the last after all foods came out.. Until we need to asked the server where is our drink about 3 times.. 

If I give ratings to this restaurant, I gave 5/10.. 

Jl. Suryo no.30
Senopati-Blok S
Jakarta Selatan

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