Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm often going to Plaza Senayan and passing this restaurant.. But never eating in there.. Finally I ate in Taichan, because my lil' sis wanna try eat in there.. hehe.. Firstly, I'm not interesting about the menu.. But....
In Front of the Restaurant
Table Set Up

The Menu

Inside The Restaurant

Chicken Katsu Curry (62k), just 5 words.. I love this so much.. C'est delicieux.. The chicken katsu used chicken breast.. It's cooked perfect.. Still moist, and outside crispy.. The taste of the curry also lovely.. :D

Stamina Ramen (49k), soya noodles soup with sliced beef, garlic & vegetables.. This ramen also tasted yummy.. I think they grilled the beef first, because when u eat, the taste of the soup and the smell like grilled beef.. I don't know how to expalin.. haha..

Matcha Ice Cream (24k), I like this ice cream, the green tea really tasted, but my sis said matcha ice cream at Sanpachi more delicious.. hehe..

Taichan Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Senayan 3rd FL Unit 312 C
Jl. Asia Afrika 10270

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