Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Baked Goods

Okay.. because my sis wanna try eat in here.. Then today we went here... Thanks to GPS for the help.. :D

This is a small cake shop.. Inside just have 4 tables if im not wrong.. but they have outdoor area too..

Dark Choco Walnut Pie (14k), I liket this choco pie, I can taste the rhum...

Bublanina (20.5k), I like this too, its chewy, there are strawberry inside, a bit sour, not too sweet.. taste good... =9

Cheese Cake (24k), hmm.. this taste okay.. also nice.. Very cheesy, I like it..

Carrot Cake (22k)

This carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.. hmm.. the waiter says this is one of the best cake in here.. so my mom want to try it.. but I don't like it.. Don't know why.. just don't like the smell.. Can smell of raisin, cinnamon, etc..

Quiche Spinach, Ham, and Mushroom (21l)

The quinche just okay, nothing special..

Fruit Knedliky (30k - 2pcs), a bit pricy... Oya.. they just increase the selling price, but they not yet change the price in their menu... This is pao with strawberry inside and cream cheese on the top with icing sugar.. The taste just okay.. nothing special, just quite unique.. But for my liking, this is too many flavor.. There are sour flavor from strawberry, savory from cheese, sweet from the icing, complicated... And the pao a bit hard.. >.<

p.s they gave free normal water.. oya.. also have tax 10%

The Baked Goods
Jl. H. Agus Salim No.16 
Sabang, Menteng, Central Jakarta
(021) 31909015

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