Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brussels Spring

Today.. I went to Central Park because I can't going home because of the demonstration in front of DPR/MPR.. hixx.. 

Luckily, I have best friend who live in the apartment mediterania, so she can accompany me.. Yeyy.. thanks to her.. :) 

Okay.. after we wandering around, then we decide it to hang out in Brussels Spring..
This is the first time I went here, the interior design so cute and fun..

Frozen Hot Chocolate (25k), the taste just like ordinary milk chocolate.. hehe..

Caramel Cheese Waffle (37.5k), this is waffle with caramel sauce, cheese sauce, and ice cream.. For the ice cream you can choose the flavor.. There are 16 flavor... and we choose belgian chocolate.. I like the waffle, very crispy.. And the caramel sauce not too sweet.. Overall the taste is good.. 

Brussels Spring
Central Park - Tibreca Park
West Jakarta

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