Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yellow Fin

From The Baked Goods, we went to Yellow Fin to have dinner..
This is a new Japanese restaurant near my home...


This is so cute.. I just see thing like this in here.. there are 4 buttons,  service (to order food or call the waiter), drink, bill, and cancel (to cancel all services that u ard pressed).. So u no need to shout to call the waiter, just press what u want and u need.. very efficient..

soya, chili powder

Hot Tonkotsu Ramen (55k)

tonkotsu is a spicy pork ramen (level 0-5), my sis ordered spicy level 2, quite spicy.. but this ramen taste really good.. I love it.. The noodle, the broth taste good.. Nyamm..

Spirited Away (35k), this is like mojito but plus lychee,.. The taste okay.. nice.. but for my liking, i like if more sour.. but I can really taste the lychee.. :D

Castle in the Sky (35k), the concoction have black grape, peach, etc.. But the peach too dominant.. This drink also taste okay..

Volcano Roll (40k) "the plate is cute"

This volcano roll is deep fried shrimp roll with chopped fish and spicy mayonaise sauce.. The sushi also taste good.. I like the sushi.. anw the chopped fish on the top of the sushi are salmon, yellowtail, and tuna.. yummy.. =9

Salmon Grill Hourenso Chips (85k)

This salmon served with fried spinach, seaweed, and mayonaise.. The salmon also taste good, crisp outside but tender inside.. Then the salmon also very tasty.. I like it..

Overall.. I love the food in here.. really yummy.. I'll come back again..

FYI.. all the price exclude service 10% and tax 10%.. :'(

Yellow Fin
Jl. Senopati I no. 42
South Jakarta
(021) 722 0394

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