Saturday, March 3, 2012

Born Ga

Okay.. actually tonight my dad wanna bring us to eat in PIK, but the place that we wanna having dinner still full and my dad don't want to wait.. hix.. So we change the dinner place near my home.. And the place is BORN GA.. Yeyyy.. I like korean food.. :)

This is the place to wait, a bit comfy

table setting

side dish

side dish

Bab / rice (15k)

Veggie for the BBQ in a very long plate.. Interesting.. :)

FYI, if u wanna order BBQ, u need to order minimun 2 portion..

Kkotsal (190k)

Kkotsal is a prime cut, tender, and juicy boneless beef, grilled the beef

Yeyy... Now the beef already cooked.. The taste is very yummy and tender.. I like it very much.. but the portion too little, different with the pic.. >.<

Dwaeji Samgyeopsal (80k)

This is grilled pork belly.. Anw.. do u pay attention with the grill?? they using different attachment for the grill for the pork and the beef..

The Samgyeopsal that already cooked, my sis asked the waitress to cooked it longer, because she want the samgyeopsal become crisp.. Hmm... Actually the taste is good, but I don't eat anything meat that have fat.. >.<

This is the dessert complimentary.. fruits and you can choose between omijacha or ice coffee..
Omijacha is tea made from dried fruits, the taste quite unique.. Hmmm, a bit sour, salty, hard to explain, but my sis said that this is good for health..

Born Ga
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 24
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
(021) 7396229

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