Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Cafe

Today is my parents wedding anniversary and my grandpa birthday.. So they celebrate it at The Cafe Hotel Mulia... 

Japanese Section... I like the sushi.. Fresh and yummy.. Actually there are sashimi, like salmon, tuna, etc.. but I don't eat sashimi, so I'm not take it..

Still in Japanese section.. the left is something with potato.. The right is mushroom and shrimp..

Assorted cheese and Indian cuisine.. I like the cracker, cheese, and ham.. The pizza standard.. the one look like chips taste good too..

Naan Cheese.. You need to order first if you want this.. I like this alot.. so yummy.. the cheese melted inside.. =9

This is the sauce for naan cheese, like red curry with chicken.. but I don't like the taste..

Pasta section.. They cooked when we order.. we can choose the topping.. and I choose salmon, scallop, and shrimp.. I like the rissoto.. Nyamm.. nyamm..

My sis order this.. Penne cream with salmon and smoked beef.. But too salty.. >.<

Grilled Beef.. Nyamm.. nyamm..

Thailand section.. Tom Yam Soup.. You also can choose the topping.. I choose, squid, prawn, clams, fish cake, scallops, etc.. yummy..

Chinese section.. I just took the dimsum.. but the taste not really good.. I don't like it..

Soup..... quite nice.. You also can choose the toppings..

Yeyy.. now move to dessert section.. All the dessert looks tempting.. Huaaa.. I want to eat all.. >.<

Creme Brulee Pistachio and Vanilla

Mix plain and peach yogurt with assorted toppings

Strawberry and melon fondue with a lil bit of bread n butter pudding

Overall.. Most of the food taste good.. For me, The Cafe is the best buffet hotel restaurant.. :D Many kinds of food, and the taste also good.. There are India, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thailand, Japanese, Seafood, Grill, and Dessert Section... :D

The Cafe
Hotel Mulia
(021) 5747777

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