Friday, August 2, 2013

Hong Kong Trip "Day 2 + Day 3"

Hong Kong Trip "Day 2"

We had breakfast near my uncle's place.. I don't know what the restaurant name, but the location is in Boundary Street 14-36..

Toast, Omelette, Baked Beans (HKD 23), this is come along with a drink.. *anw all the food is a set menu that include a drink*

Hong Kong Tea (the drink in above set), the taste is weird.. I don't like it..

White Bread with Ham & Cheese (HKD 22), simple yet taste good.. the white bread is soft..

Macaroni Soup with Ham & Sausages (HKD 26), the taste quite bland.. Anw.. there are macaroni, a lil bit of slicef ham, carrot, corn, salted veggies, and sausages.. I like the sausages..

Rice Vermicelli  + Toast and Egg (HKD 27), I don't like the rice vermicelli.. 

This is the toast and egg that include with the set menu above.. Taste good..

After finished our breakfast, we went to Heritage 1881.. 
Below are the picture in Heritage 1881..

Then we went to Star Ferry.. Stop in Arome to buy some snack..

Bought some Chicken Pie (HKD 12), this chicken pie taste good..

Then we went to Harbour City.. Had lunch at Super Star Seafood Restaurant.. Click here to see the review..
Then stop in Godiva (3rd floor, Gateaway Arcade, Harbour City) because I want to try their ice cream..

Chocolate Soft Serve (HKD 39), this ice cream really really really taste good.. Can really taste the chocolate.. recommended.. now i craving for this.. :(

Dark Chocolate Banana (HKD 42), this drink also taste good.. Can taste the banana, but the chocolate taste not as strong as the ice cream, yet I still love this too.. :)

After walk around in Harbour City, we took bus to Victoria Peak...
Had dinner at Mak's Noodle in The Peak Gallery.. Click here to see the review..
After dinner, we went to the rooftop, it was raining at that time, but we still going outside too enjoy the view.. But after half an hour or an hour, the rain stop..

the view from the rooftop

good night... :)


Hong Kong Trip "Day 3"

We had breakfast at Cheung Hung Seafood Restaurant.. Click here to see the review..

Then we went to Harbour City again because I curious with Eric Kayser product..
Click here to see the review of Eric Kayser..

Then.. we had late lunch + early dinner at Rice Paper, still in Harbour City.... Click here to see the Rice Paper review...

After eating, me and my sis walk around to find prepaid card... Then end our day by watching symphony of lights at Victoria Harbour.. The show start at 8 pm.. too bad the show not as good as we expected.. super ordinary show.. :'(

Night view at Victoria Harbour

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